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Compare HW 80 and HW 85

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Other than less cost and a pound lighter the HW 85 specs are very close to the HW 80.  What does the 80 have over the 85 ?

The bore and stroke are completely different.  If I understand correctly the HW 85 has a 26mm bore and the same stroke as the HW 95 or about 81mm.  The HW 80 has a 35mm bore and I assume the stroke is about 80-90mm.  I think.... :(


Compression tube on the R1/HW80 is 30mm  ;)


--- Quote from: T-Higgs on June 07, 2017, 08:42:57 AM ---Compression tube on the R1/HW80 is 30mm  ;)

--- End quote ---

Yup :D!  Never quite understood why it is called the HW 35 when it has a 30mm stroke.
Thanks for setting me straight.


So then, not to confuse things, would the 85 be closer to the 95 then the 80 ? I have a 95..


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