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Are we closing the doors???

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Nope...but had to get your attention somehow. :)
Seems folks don't like to read instructions so I have to give you a few reminders from time to time.

Private messages.....
We have a system in place for these. Please use them. Please clean out your box of old ones that you don't need. Anytime someone sends you a pm (private message) you will receive an email notification.

That is strictly a notice that you need to come to GTA and look in your inbox for a message. If you reply to that email notice, guess who gets that message? Not the person you intended it for but ME. And you may be talking about me so.... :P
Do not reply to email notifications from GTA. If you do you will get a gently nudge from me.

Classified Ads.....
ALWAYS having issues there because folks click to agree to the TERMS and rules of posting but many apparently do not read the terms before accepting them. I know, I do it all the time myself elsewhere.
You must have been a member of GTA for at least 30 days and have at least a 20 post count to even be able to post an ad.
No outside links to pictures, but the actual pictures. If you have issues attaching pictures, there is an excellent post in the Announcement Gate telling you how to post pictures in your threads. Many of the problems are with your pictures exceeding the size limit. There is a free picture resizer in our Library at the top of the page.
If your ads do not meet the requirements, they will be immediately moved to the Archive Gate and you will receive a message from either myself or Norm explaining what needs to be done. If I have the time, I can always help get the pictures posted. But PLEASE try. Read the thread on how to and if you still can't make it work, I'll try to help.
No replies are allowed in classified posts. We had WAY too many issues with chit chat in ads. So any communication between buyer and seller must be done via pm or email. After the item sells, please report your thread and tell us why you are reporting. Like it sold, was traded or you changed your mind. We'll handle editing the title and moving it to the Archive Gate after you mark it sold.

If you join GTA, before you can view many of the areas, you are asked to make an introduction post. It's really no big deal, we just like to know a LITTLE something about our family members. You can read a lot of GTA without joining. Some areas are locked to members only. Just post a short hello or something about yourself. No real hassle to do so.

Okay, that will do it for this rant. LOL
Thanks for endulging me and reading.

SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

  Guilty as charged.................. :-[

  I replied to the Email notice of a PM once.

  The 'Gentle Nudge' set me back on course!  ;)

 Thanks for all that you do Dave, and the rest of you forum Mods, Admins, and the like.

When I read the title I just about died then I started reading what it was all about. Thanks for keeping us all in check and may the GTA forum live forever.

Now wait just a cotton picking minute. Aren't there rules about posts using inaccurate titles to inflame, irritate, confuse or aggravate folks into reading something they wouldn't normally read?



Very good reminder Dave! and guys try to post in the correct gate


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