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Jack Haley has passed on

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My prayers are with his family. May he RIP. His guns certainly did (pun intended).

Sad news indeed. Condolences to his family.

May he be at peace now and may God be with his loved ones and friends.


May the blessings of God be upon his family ...Jack made a great big impact on our ag world and that will never be forgotten cause his mark is all ovwer the world and in every corner critter has ever made it past Jack Haleys ...God Bless ...jorge

TOM aka critter99:
Losing Jack is a huge hole in the air gunning world.   Reba I pray will get past this trying time.

Jack and Reba both treated me great. 

Long after Jack quit making his original QB78 PCP conversion kits and moved on to big bore rifles I called Reba ...Jack went out of his way found the last section of tubing and made one up for me.  Later when tuning for a decent curve Jack mailed me an unmodified .22 cal bolt he had and it proved to be the last piece of the puzzle to get the curve usable.

he will be missed by all the knew him


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