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Rules and Targets for 30 Yard Rested Air Rifle Match


Rules and Target for 30 Yard Rested Rifle Match

All powerplants allowed starting in 2013

There will be two classes: "Jumpers" (Springers, Gas Rams, Multi Pumpers, etc.) and PCP.

A target from each class can be turned in for the same match by the same contestant.

There will be Gold, Silver and Bronze for each category.


Note! In order for your targets to print to size a setting must be selected first. What you need to do is when you are preparing to print, under Page Handling, set Page Scaling to "None" in the drop down menu. This will ensure that your targets do in fact match the measurements at the bottom of the target.

Choose the target that matches your caliber: "45" for 0.177 (4.5mm), "55" for 0.20 or 0.22 (5.5mm), or "635" for 0.25 (6.35mm) caliber:
MOA6_30YDx20_45.pdf,   MOA6_30YDx20_55.pdf,  MOA6_30YDx20_635.pdf

Rules: Anything goes as long as it's off the bench or ground, except rifle vices!  You have to be in contact with the air gun, shouldering the airgun and pulling the trigger!

All air guns are WELCOME.

Distance: 30 Yards.  The trigger should be behind a firing line 30 yards from the target face.

Scoring: 20 shots, one per target bull.
Shots are scored according to the highest value of the target scoring zone or ring that is touched by a circle centered over the shot having a diameter equal to the pellet caliber designated on the target.  A scoring gauge, scoring plug or even the head of a pellet (the skirt may be too large) for the caliber designated on the target helps with scoring.  Or, just determine this circle using the hole in the target made by the shot as best you can.  If any part of a scoring ring (demarcation line between the scoring zones) is touched by this circle, including even the outside edge of the scoring ring line, the shot is scored the higher value of the two scoring zones.  There is only one exception:  on the 25 caliber target only, and for "X" scoring only, the circle must completely cover the center dot on the 25 caliber target to score an "X".  This exception is noted on the 25 caliber target.  The circle need only touch the center dot to score an "X" on the 177 caliber and 22 caliber targets. 

Time limit is 20 minutes.  If you're shooting a multi-pumper, give yourself an extra 5 minutes!

Additionally, when posting your target please be sure to include the following in your post:

Screen Name or Name
Type of Power Plant (Jumper Class or PCP Class)
Position  (Bench Rested, Front bag, Front/Rear Bag, Shooting Sticks, Prone, HFT etc.).
Other optional information to share (weather, etc.)

Please indicate the match name, match number and the date when the match was shot on the target.

Target sheet must not have been used (or to be used) in another match.

Target sheet posted must have been shot during the inclusive dates for that particular match number.

Remember the most important rule is to have fun!!!!!!!


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