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Another Member of the GTA Family has Passed On

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I have to report with sadness in my heart, the passing of a fellow GTA family member. Mrs Ginny McMeans informed us that her husband Ed, forum member "tracka", has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers go out for Ed, Ginny and their entire family. He will be missed by his GTA family.

Sorry to hear that! Prayers for his family

We were just informed by Ed McMeans, AKA Tracka, wife that he has passed on. I personally I did not know Ed but my blessings go out to his wife and family. He was a part of the GTA family and deserves to be honored for his time with us and the entire air gun community.

Did not know him, but God speed my friend. Hope your passing was easy, thoughts are with your family, all the best to them.

Mrs. Ginny, our prayers are for you and your family to have peace and comfort during this time.  I'm thankful that Mr. Ed was a part of the GTA. 



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