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Great Airgunner and Person Passed Away in July

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I don't know how many of you knew Ron Widel. He lived in California. I first had airgun dealings with him in 2006 when I was selling off a few of my airguns. He bought one from me and was very happy with his purchase.  He was a collector of many different types of airguns and a collector of many things in general.

During the following years I would post now and then a For Sale item on American Airgun Classifieds and he would immediately give me a call. He might not even want to buy the item but just wanted to talk about airguns and life in general. 

I remember he was taking care of his wife who had Alzheimer's even back to 2006. And even when I had one of my last phone conversations with him in February of this year, 2012,  he was still taking care of her. It was at this time that he had called me about one of my items for sale on Brad's Page and we began talking. I managed to talk him in to selling me back the gun I had sold him 6 years earlier. 

He called me some weeks later to let me know of his diagnosis with cancer. He was 77 years old. I told him he would be in my prayers. I emailed him a couple of times checking on his progress. He said he was going thru treatments and seemed up beat. However after a few months of no response to my emails I discovered his obituary online in late July about a week after his death.

Anyway, he was always an absolute pleasure to deal with and to talk to on the phone. He had so many stories going back in time that were so interesting. The guy had a memory like no one I have ever seen. He could remember every detail of a phone conversation from 3 years prior.

I have thought about him for the past 2 months and thought I would write this here so others who knew him might know, if they didn't already.


I did not have the pleasure of knowing Ron but it sounds like I missed out on knowing a fantastic guy. My prayers go up for him, his family and his friends. Any person with a passion for airgunning holds a special place to me.
Thanks for posting in his memory.
GOD Speed Ron!!!!

Thanks Rebel for sharing about Ron's passing.  Sounds like airgunning has lost one of the special ones.  He will be missed.


I didn't know him but as a fellow airgunner it always hit's home when we loose someone from the airgun family. Ed

sorry to hear this!
i had a transaction with ron it was very smooth
a great loss to the airgun community


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