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One of our members has passed on

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bart the fart:
Sorry to hear this. Mike thanks for passing this along

Sqrl Klr:
I didn't know him but I'm sorry to hear that none the less. I've lost family members and I know how painful it is. His family, friends and even pets if he had any will deeply miss him I know.

wow, im sorry to hear that. i hope his family is doing ok

. So very to hear the news but thank you Mike for letting everybody know. I enjoyed Toms writing, his steadfast opinions and it was obvious he loved airguns. He WILL be missed among the forums. Thoughts and prayers are with the family. And even the pets, good of Sqrl Klr for pointing out that they greive too. May the pellet tins be overflowing and the HPA neverending.

Very sorry to here this, my prayers are with his family, he will be missed.


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