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 I GET E-MAILS EVERY DAY ASKING  that question or... will the GRT-III trigger fit my so-and-so gun. I receive between 50 and 75 e-mails a day and several of those e-mails are e-mails with this question, a good many of them from our members and guests on the GTA Forums. :)  Perhaps this will help answer those questions and at the same time, lighten my e-mail load a bit. ;D

Those that have the late model Gamo's should pay particular attention to the Gamo GRT-4G page. All late Gamo's with the late model modular trigger with the plastic trigger and safety as well as the SAT trigger will all take the GRT-4G trigger. See the link below.

There are a great many guns that the GRT-III will fit in addition to the earlier production Gamo's. :) Those guns are listed on the CharlieDaTuna website on the new GRT-III Trigger page as well as all the other information regarding the GRT-III trigger including installation instructions, trouble shooting guide, hows and why's. Click the link below and check it out.  8)

As more guns are identified in the future as being applicable, they will be added to the listing.

ALSO... regarding trigger to gun identification.

Quite often someone will order the incorrect trigger. This is usually either they don't read or because they are not just exactly sure of what they have and I can understand that. They then receive the wrong trigger and are upset and have to go through the process of re-ordering and exchange. It really bothers me if our members have to go through it. By providing the information and links below, hopefully it will help to make the correct decisions.

Because different applications may use different triggers in some later guns, only you can determine for sure which trigger to order for sure. Below is a file in both .doc and .pdf formats to assist you in determining which trigger you should order for your gun be it an early or late model Gamo or Gamo/Crosman clone or a CBR for some of the other guns.

If you will remove your stock, you can compare the pictures in the file to your trigger and determine which trigger you will need to order for you gun

The PDF file below is a smaller file and faster downloading.

Thanks everybody for your help and patience.  ;D


blind dog:
I got a 404 Not Found code.
I need one for newer a B18/B19

Dick Tracey:
I also get a 404 not found code.

Was this a test?  :P  ;D  :'(

Thanks gang and my apologies. I corrected the links.


The B-18/19 all take the GRT-III trigger.



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