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New Cometa 100


I've gone back to Springers, getting off the PCP merry-go-round, it's been fun. Back in the 80s all you could get was US made multi-pumps and mostly German and UK springers, PCP was off in the future. Now I am back to Springers and I have to say it's been enjoyable so far.

 Still learning but the Cometa 100 is doing well. Interesting that one of the best pellets is Cometa branded but made by JSB.

 And Jon at Keystone air guns tells me he can still get the Cometa branded pellets from Cometa, as I haven't seen any for sale for a long time.

I've tried maybe a dozen different pellets so far.

I am thinking of Cometa 100 my self. Contacted Jon and reply was quick. I have an 880 now that I love. I am back yard plinking 10-20 yards and occasional sparrow or chipmunk. I see the 220 is nice as well as the 300. I was on the PCP bandwagon for a while. But, really for my needs a pump or a springer is best. Beeman has a .177 Co2 that am thinking of as well.
I just like lower powered .177 air rifles. I am not into long distance shooting or powerful air guns. It is nice to sit on my back steps and put out some targets and shoot ;D with out worry of putting air in the tank or having to but a suppressor.

Mark 611:
Never owned a COMETA 100, but I have 3 220c and have owned several 400 Star compacts and USC models, I like these guns decent for the money!


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