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Just read two books..
The story of science. From Aristotle to the big bang theory by Susan Wise Bauer. A very intetesting book and she is an accomplished author.
The other was a biography of Charles Pete Conrad. US Navy aviator who walked on the moon. A true died in the wool American Rocketman . But he didnt shoot airguns .

Just finished Vic Flick's autobiography "Guitarman"

Ordered today an old favorite science fiction novel by Joanne Vinge "Psion"

Always open to a page in Sun Tzu's Art of War.

Yes read fthe art of war. Going to look up the science fiction one on Amazon.

The Art of Clear Thinking.

I recently finished "Friend of My Youth" and "Sjourn" by Amit Chaudhuri, "City of Glass" by Paul Auster, "Albert Camus, A Very Short Introduction" by Oliver Gloag, "Bodies" a graphic novel by the late Si Spencer, "Galatea" a short story byMadeline Miller' "Barcelona Dreaming" by Rupert Thomson and "Distant Star" by Roberto Bolando.

I am now reading, "The Song of Achillies" by Madeline Miller, "Night Jasmine Man" by David Lambkin, "The Stronghold" and "The Love Affair by by Dino Buzzati, "The People Immortal" by Vasily Grossman and "Bodies II" by Si Spencer.


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