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100 yard Submission for the club

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Here's my submission for the club at 100 yards. 2 and 1/8th group with a marauder field and target with a 4 power scope. If I didn't pull the one shot down a little bit it would have been a 1 in group but oh well.

Range photos

Wow! Sweet shootin'! And with a 4x!


--- Quote from: splitbeing on November 09, 2023, 02:24:06 PM ---Wow! Sweet shootin'! And with a 4x!

--- End quote ---
Thanks! Pretty happy with that one

Nice shootin’  Liam,
Just so there is no question as to the size of the printed target rule 6 states:
“ 6. Required printable targets are attached below. All targets will have a ruler laid across them with one end on one side of the 4 MOA ring. This way
    we will eliminate any question to the size of the 4 MOA ring.”
I didn’t see a picture with the required ruler. Maybe I missed it, or maybe you still have the target or picture to include.


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