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Hatsan 125 transfer port, unusual for me.

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Hatsan springers are IMHO good entry level bargain air rifles. They typically DON'T have the finest finishes and tolerances at their price point. However, the breech face on your rifle appears to be one of the roughest I've ever seen. Also, the transfer port insert appears to be damaged. While that damage should NOT significantly affect the performance it is disappointing to see such crude work on one of my favorite brand of air rifles.

Wow... Crude doesn't even begin to describe the quality of the machining work (or lack thereof) on that 125 transfer port. In contrast, on my 95 Vortex, the port machining is very nicely done. The cutting tool used on that 125 port was probably dull or damaged, or BOTH. As mikeyb indicated, and as ugly as it is, probably little to no effect on velocity as long as breech seal is in good shape. But, that crappy machine work/finish would really bug me though....

 Yikes that is a bad one, I could do better with an angle grinder blindfolded ;)


--- Quote from: splitbeing on September 26, 2023, 08:02:23 PM ---What's the caliber?

--- End quote ---
Transfer port is about 3.5 mm, caliber 5.5 mm or .22

I already have negative experience with their weapons, not to mention everything. I'm tidying this one up a bit because the FAC came from the factory and on measurement it's about 24J, short spring 43 coils 41 active...


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