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Submission for upgrade at 300 yds

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I finally got a chance to get to the range and shoot the F-class 300 yd targets. Plan was made to shoot 4 targets, 5 shots each, with no practice shots. I had the barrel off since my last outing, so I did verify the velocity and reset the 37yd zero before shooting for score.

Two targets were shot with the solid point version of the slugs using the light 106gr cull. The other two targets were shot with the 106gr average cup point version. No appreciable difference in accuracy that I could determine from the 10 shots of each. The first target of each slug type had hit slightly low so I lasered the target and it was 303 yds from the bench that I was at. That called for two clicks up. The next two targets were a little better, but now about a click too high (each click is 3/4" at the target).

The best (not by much) target was the last, using the cup point slugs. I plugged the holes with slugs to see if they were all inside or touching the 9 ring (they were). And the group size was under 1.5 moa. Best target shown below:

Here are the other three targets for comparison:

Great shooting.


Congratulations, Scott.... That target qualifies you as an Expert at 303 yards.... I have upgraded you.... For those NUAH shooters not familiar with the 300 yard "F" class target (MR-63FC or MR-63F), they are approved for NUAH qualifications at 300 yards or more... The 9-ring is 5.87" (ie 2 MOA) and that group is under 1.5 MOA....



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