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Beeman 0035

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--- Quote from: dan_house on August 21, 2023, 12:48:23 PM ---Purchsed at walmart in late 2000

dont know where the serial is.....

--- End quote ---

Thanks, so at least a 23 year span. I reckon it looked like mine from the pics posted?

The auction page had it listed as "lightly used", more like heavily cleaned, cause seller missed a few spots. Aggravating that the truth was not an option, but the lockup ball pic was the only one doubled - from the pic it appeared the ball was badly galled but it must have been a reflection. So, anyway, I didn't notice that when I made an offer, and relieved more than aggravated I wasn't going to (at worst) be hunting a new barrel.

First group was not terrible using the iron sights, however, I'll have to mount a scope to see what it can do. I was mid-project on a D34 that I just scoped, so after I see what happens with that one I'll move that scope over to this one.

We can't be the only ones on the planet that bought one of these, I'm hoping more will come forward  ???, I'd really like to hear more about what condition they are in and what it takes to upkeep, mod, or tune these.

Thanks again @dan_house  :D

So here's the target I promised, looks like the rifle can shoot, but I cant...

I owned one once, for maybe an hour.
Purchased at a gun show, but traded it off for another pellet rifle and took boot at the same show.......

An hour ... hot potato that.

I did find out a little, and I suppose anyone else could so this is probably a waste of bandwidth, but I learned it's been around in the 90's, perhaps also in the 80's. It's a Beeman import from Spain, but he didn't do it, it was done after he sold the company, but it was "in the spirit of" his attempts to import quality. In other words the rifles are deemed well built and generally accurate. Their Achilles' heel is their trigger does not compare to the other Beeman branded imports, and an article I found indicates the direct-sear makes trigger work a high risk proposition.

Their closest comparison to other air rifles seems to be the Beeman R7, which I'm going to guess is because cocking force is low, and the 0035 shares the globe sight and inserts concept (might be interchangeable).

I have no idea how many were sold, but almost nobody posts about them, and since my shooting skills are not sufficient to know if it can put rounds in the same hole without mounting a scope, I'll have to wait until I have an available scope to find out. Right now the scope I've got "floating" is on another rifle I want to answer the same question on.

I wish there was someone local and close by that was better on the trigger than I am, but most of the locals don't seem to want company... .

Almost forgot, Amazon does have a piston seal for sale that fits it, not sure if there's a breech seal available though, but I'm guessing it doesn't need it. Further, taking out the mainspring requires compressing it around (bypassing) the trigger group so it's not a straight forward task. It does not seem to have a serial number.

remembered while I was at the shop to look for the serial.....

the ONLY thinig I could find on the gun (with it still in the stock) that looked  like a serial number was on the block the barrel is set into,,, so on the shooters' left side, on the barrel block...

seems like a strange place to put one.....


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