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--- Quote from: dan_house on August 25, 2023, 12:28:07 PM ---remembered while I was at the shop to look for the serial.....

the ONLY thinig I could find on the gun (with it still in the stock) that looked  like a serial number was on the block the barrel is set into,,, so on the shooters' left side, on the barrel block...

seems like a strange place to put one.....

--- End quote ---

Thanks Dan, I saw that too. For some reason I didn't think it was a serial number.

Come to think of it, there are pics of one with stock removed on a blog, I could scour that to see if it's under the stock. Anyway, just an oddity, I don't necessarily have a need to know how old it is. Originally I thought it possible it might be so old that early ones had leather piston seals, but I no longer think mine might. Here's the site link:

When I scoured posts for these @Lizzy had one at least did at one time, maybe still does. Perhaps if so she will see this and chime in.

Hopefully I get a scope on it soon to see if it's "needy", but hey, with that target posted my suspicion is it may be more accurate than I am.

I had said it's also known as the Model 56, well on that site it's a Norica GT600.


--- Quote from: Methuselah on August 25, 2023, 03:31:33 PM ---When I scoured posts for these @Lizzy had one at least did at one time, maybe still does

--- End quote ---

Oops, @lizzie

(I put placeholders in and edit when done ... forgot to edit!)

Put a scope and scope stop on it last night and fired once into the ground to settle/retighten. This morning at about 11 yards just to see if it's on paper, what the heck, 3 rounds fired --- huh (?), 2 1/4" plus.

They did fit loose, only the skirt felt like it was engaging.

Above first target was Daisy flat nosed, these were Winchester domed (round nose) and heavier. I reckon I'll try again with the Daisy pellets, but also figured I'd ask if there are any suggestions on pellets to try. I have limited selections for .177 on hand, Crosman RN and HP, Destroyers, some RWS superdome, Daisy X3 sampler thing I got the flat nosed from, and pointed hunter I think.

The good news, it was 6" low first try and this time with that scope unadjusted and optically centered, 2" low left as it was on the one I removed it from - so at least I know it was low because the rear sight is all the way down to clear the previous owners scope.

From phone

Tablet (easier to type)

Top, daisy wad cutters, about an inch. Conacted seller, asked to return it. Seller refunded all but $26 and told me keep it. Sad part is it would have cost me more to return it.

Bottom targets, only the RWS SD's engaged the rifling before the skirts seated. Many of the others had some that just dropped in past the skirt. Passed the tissue test. Barrel pivots slightly loose but not sloppy. Possible broken spring or worn-out barrel?

It seems my choices are parting it out, or tearing it down to check it out. Decent wood stock, trigger parts, sights (and insert), decisions, decisions...

BTW, I haven't checked the stock screws, but figure if the previous owner pretty much wore it out, that they did.


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