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I am sub'd to Wayne's youtube channel from years ago and YT randomly suggested one of his videos (shooting his crosman 150) recently. I watched the video and it made me sad. What a rough year, Ribs and Wayne. Super bummer. RIP guys.

 Wayne told me several years ago he had lung cancer, he asked me not to tell, no idea why he shared this with me but we pmed several times a week he was always sending me some of his pellets and slugs and asking me what i thought well he did top quality work i had trouble believing he cast those pellets,  Several days before he dropped out of site he pm me and said he felt bad, he also stated he turned down treatment over 2 years ago  and said they gave him 6 months, well the man made it a couple of years and i know for a fact he hunted almost to the last day This man really injoyed his bb guns and his metal detecting.
  RIP Wayne you will surely be missed my friend.  David and the GTA

Madd Hatter:
Was he a smoker? I'm thinking his time in Nam had something to do with his cancer. He will be missed.

Hoosier Daddy:
I believe he was, seem to remember one of his avatars showing him with a cig.
 I also remember when he had his Cub Scout photo up... That was awesome!

WOW... I wasn't expecting this. It was a pleasure knowing you. May you rest in piece.


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