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Javi - Not Responding after Payment

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Robert 5mm:
Sorry for all who lost on this.

I have sold a few airguns on GTA and I ask for Paypal F&F

From now on I will give the buyer the option to use F&F or not.

I was looking at this guy's history... it appears he joined and went to greeting new comers apparently to build his post count. Right after that he began to post in the classifieds. 4 or 5 guns/items. That was a red flag for me.

I looks to me like he planned to scam from git street.

 It really has been a long long time since we had any out right scammers, I assure you they get a trip to the train station.  David

I for one hope he does jail time.  I filed an FBI IC3 report on him. Maybe they will get him.

My credit card reimbursed me yesterday.


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