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13CU in. Air Venturi cyl. w/pro V2 regulator (ninja) fill port (foster fitting?)


This one has the 1100 psi output and the fill nipple leaks air out. I removed it and the stem seal is bad, so I want to buy a new fill port. The issue is, the thread isn't the same as another ninja regulator I have. The one I tried has a screw looking thingy with an o-ring slid down to the head which looks like a smooth machine screw. THE ONE I NEED has a filter in the end, and a shorter tapered and stepped piston inside, with a small white o-ring, and the thread is different than my other ninja fill nipple.
Got any idea what thread it can be? I know it's NOT 1/8" NPT
Could it be 8mm?
What is BSSP thread?
Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Not sure as mine are 1/8, but I know they make a metric version so maybe that's what you have?


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