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***Results Added*** 100 Yard Air Rifle Monthly Match #2 - Apr. 2023


Welcome to the 2nd 100 yard Monthly Match of 2023. This match will run until April 30. The rules and targets can be found at:

Post a scan or picture of the target during the calendar month the Match is being run.

If you are not a Member of the NUAH Club and would like to join or would like to upgrade your Division standing, your submitted target can be used for that also.
If you want to apply for NUAH Membership or a Division Upgrade, you must post a thread with your target, and other information required, in the Membership Gate: 

All the rules for becoming a Member of the NUAH Club must be followed.  They can be found at:

Please include with your Match submission:

NUAH Division
Score and Group Size
Any other info you would like to share (weather,pictures, etc)

You may enter once for each Caliber shot. Results will be posted for Overall and within your Division after the end of the month.  Have fun and enjoy the match.


Firewalker.... Master.... .22cal.... 50/50-3X.... CTC- 0.725"

FastJ.... Master.... .25cal.... 49/50.... CTC- 1.798"....

Congratulations to both shooters!....


Master/Upgrade Submission
FX Maverick Sniper
Alpha 6, 4X27X50
NSA .2175, 27gr slug
50/50 3X, 0.7245" ctc
Winds WNW 3-5mph, 33F


Great target, congrats!....


Back in game.

Sold my real  sub moa .22 sugger impact couple months ago. Maybe dumbest thing ever. First work with it couple years. When shoot perfect every day sell it..

However picked up yesterday new 700 Panthera. First impression was really good.
But reg is terrible recovering. Need some love. Have to shoot with timer to get good sd.. FX  >:(

Shop did not have scope what wanted so he borrow me EO Helix 6-24 Sfp.
Nice scope to 50yd but not over. Had to crank parallax infinity to see anything at 100yd. And obiusly center dot moving like 1-2 inch depending your eye position.

Had not really much .25 ammo so go out just test what i have.
Tuned it 140b reg 37grain zans 990fps.

Weather was sunny and cold. around 44f and 10-12mph mixed wind.

Not good but still its slugger straight outta box with faulty scope.

Shooter: Jari - ( FastJ )
Distance: 100 yd
Gun: Panthera .25
Optics: Helix 25x
Ammo: .25 zan 37gr
Wind:. 12mph
Group: 1.798 49/50
Position: Bench Rest seated sand bag
Division: Master


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