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We're giving away an Umarex USA Air Javelin!

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It's time for our next Giveaway!

Enter Here:

We want to thank Umarex USA for providing an Air Javelin Pro Air Archery Regulated PCP Airgun. If you haven't seen our coverage on this, please visit our YouTube channel and check them out!

The contest starts at midnight tonight and ends at midnight on 2/13/23.  Once the winner is chosen and verified, we'll post an announcement on the site.


Contest Terms:

You agree that you are at least 18 years of age and of legal age to take possession of the prize(s) in this contest

You agree that itís legal for you to have shipped to you and possess the prize(s) in this contest.

You agree that you live in the United States.

To those that have concerns about privacy and the contest. Let us help put your mind at ease.

There are several ways to enter. You provide your name and email as a way for the GTA to know who entered. This goes to us and no one else.

You can enter simply by visiting the sites of our sponsors. No information is provided to them. Itís just a way to say thank you to them for providing the prizes.  Once you close out their page, youíll see a notification on the contest page that youíve been entered and received the allotted entry points.

If you sign up for our newsletter, you will get an email from the GTA if and when we create a newsletter.

If you like our Facebook page, then you are probably already on Facebook and have accepted what goes along with that. So what is the issue?

We set this up with the intention of providing a cool giveaway and as a way to promote the GTA outside the GTA. And as a way to help support the sport.

Thanks for entering, and Have Fun!

this ended days ago........?

 I know Rick had some things going on and may get to it this coming Tuesday ???

Hello all. The winner was selected and we are waiting to verify their eligibility.  Once we have a confirmed winner we will let folks know. Please note that I will be out of town all next week.  It may be the week after until we make the announcement.


Rick, how many entries were there for the drawing?


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