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2022 AAFTA new rule for the use of Airgun slugs in FT events


Gentlemen & Ladies,

It has been brought to my attention from an internet forum conversation, THAT the governing "Board of Directors at the AAFTA ( BOG ) had a Rule Change last fall that became a RULE for 2022 and the foreseeable future pertaining to the use of SLUGS in the game of Field Target.

From the revised AAFTA 2022 rule book page 5

Pellets that are completely made of lead, lead alloy, zinc, zinc alloy, or similar all-metal material may
be used. Airgun slugs may not be used.

As the one who is responsible for the clubs target maintenance, replacement etc .... let me tell you all, that pellets beat the snot out of our beloved field targets we shoot at every month
and we're going to purchase some badly needed replacements in the near future. 
Slugs due to there more solid body shape simply DO NOT splatter as Pellets generally do making them ( Slugs ) even more damaging to the clubs targets.   Face plate denting as well excessive strike paddle damages.

* I know this conversation was happening the last couple years and due to AAFTA not addressing a firm ruling we let slugs use slide allowing all of you too play with slugs if wanting too.

THIS OFFICIALLY STARTS as of the JUNE 2022 & for all future SVFTC Field target matches & will be enforced as deemed fair by the acting Club Match Director of any said SVFTC event.

NO SLUGS ALLOWED of any caliber are to be used in ANY AAFTA Field Target Clubs or GP event competitions from this point forward.

Thank you and please respect this notification.

Scott Schneider
SVFTC Match Director


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