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So if you didn't do anything airgun related what did you do today?

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--- Quote from: Blowpipe Sam on February 21, 2024, 07:52:31 PM ---Thank you James that was cool!

I attended a staff affliction meeting today. There was some good news.  After nearly nineteen years of service to the Florida Park Service I finally received my 15 year service pin. :P

--- End quote ---
Thatís about the same schedule here where I work. 

While mowing the front yard, I also mulched a bunch of leaves.  I mowed/mulched the back yard yesterday.

Finishing up the last of the hole patching on the shed roof. I have the paint to mix up and spray to finish it completely. If it continues to dry out I will be able to finish the floor. Spent the rest of the day prepping the raised garden bed for the next round of veggies to be planted. I had to add more soil to it which I have plenty of compost made up to replenish it. Spend the evening cutting and polishing some stones.

Sqrl Klr:
My mother drove to my place for a visit so we sat out in the sun then a scat ton of birds covering two acres started toward us so to prevent getting pooped on I grabbed the 12ga and let her rip. 4 birds in 1 shot fell dead and the rest flew away. The dead were tossed in the woods. No poop on us. Not today satan! :P


--- Quote from: Sqrl Klr on February 21, 2024, 08:23:48 PM ---James that looks similar to my trails. You drive as slow as old people poop. :P

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LOL I went slow as not to cause anyone motion sickness, also timed out to be as fast as we drag hay wagon loads of passengers through there at.
 I do hold the speed record for hay ride with out hitting trees ;) HaHaHa :)


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