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So if you didn't do anything airgun related what did you do today?

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Lt. Dan:
Yesterday I finished painting my long handled tools.
I have them lined up along the fence for inspection (actually for 48 hour paint curing/hardening ).

Lt. Dan:
Painted my BBQ grill this morning.  Put casters on it last night. I copied the grill design from one I saw at one of our state parks. Then for Christmas one year my son added the expanded metal wrap-around. I don't know how much it weighs but it's heavy.

Nice looking grill, that will last for years!
You have a lot of shovels, I thought I had a lot of shovels before I saw your post. Thanks for making feel better about not as many having as many shovels as you do..

More shovels that a grave digger. And that grill could double as a crematorium.....  ;)

Dan, do you have another hobby that you're not sharing with us?

bear air:
I like this thread. Going to follow.


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