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So....Whatcha Eating?

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Rabbit\Squirrel Killer:
My son in law cooked up some street tacos for us today. :D ;D 8)

Sqrl Klr:
Ham n swiss sammich earlier with jalapeno kettles and sweet tea. Stuffed peppers with peach drink this evening!

If I see cara cara oranges I'll try them. I usually buy the little ones I forget their name at the moment.

Sounds yummy Dan. Some guys have all the luck. ;)


--- Quote from: Rabbit\Squirrel Killer on February 21, 2024, 08:11:41 PM ---My son in law cooked up some street tacos for us today. :D ;D 8)

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: Sqrl Klr on February 21, 2024, 08:14:58 PM ---If I see cara cara oranges I'll try them.

--- End quote ---
Cara Cara is supposedly a variety of navel Oranges. It has red flesh and it has a hint of Grapefruit. Very unique flavor.

San Francisco Chinatown : Best Chninese  restaurants in the country   since back in the 60's

The $5 tomato can of  pork/shrimp Wonton soup with slices of BBq pork and green onions  can be ordered at the sliding door  of a Chinese restaurant   where the cooks take a break, U can pick it up after driving around the block after 10 minutes
this was probably the family  first  food joint in the Bay Area  in the Waverly place alley
it was concocted by cooks while taking a break  with plenty of leftover wontons  and shrimp sitting in a gallon size tomatoe can already stewed with hot soup using lots of msg

a Chinese cafe around the block made orange jello custard pie   for a couple of bucks

I especially like the restaurant with orange seating on Jackson st where they had a roast beef wonton bok choy soup called Suey Gow

I  ate lunch there with an associate there when I was a Biomedical Equiptment Technian   at UCSF, fixing patient monitors called the E for M   during a critical  moment in the OR (operating room )   using a pencil eraser  back in the 70's


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