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So....Whatcha Eating?

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After a busy day of chores and shooting, the wife fixed the family a really tasty dinner. A big old roast of swine. For desert, a peach and blueberry cobbler made from scratch.

Now to sit back and watch a little football with a cold brew.

This is the way Saturdays are made to be.

So, what are you eating?

Wife and kids out of town visiting in laws. For this raccoon it's whatever I can scrounge up.

Just stuffed my face at my new favorite restaurant, a Greek place around the corner from my house. 
gracious is it good!  Gyro flights for apps and Bang Bang Chicken sammich for entree.  Headed to the couch now for some relaxing.  ;)

When I finally get off work it's going to be a chicken salad with a big ol beer. Then TV until sleepy time!

Sister is visiting from Bay Minette, Al. for a few days (she shoots too). Betty Lou made ham n eggs w/biscuits for breakfast. Home mad PB cookies to snack. Stuffed shells for dinner and a big ole pot of chicken noodle w/dumplings and mashed taters for tomorrow. And of course, bud light throughout.


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