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Richard T. Aucoin

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Our good friend and forum administrator Rich informed us that his Daddy passed away this week. Services will be this Thursday 2 March in Zachery, LA. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Rich, your Daddy and your entire family during this time. We are sad for our losses but we should also smile from the memories of the fun times and the love we shared with our family. They will live on in our hearts and memories.
Thank you for your service to our country Mr. Aucoin and to your community for 30 years as a fire fighter!!!
GOD Bless and keep you until we are all reunited once again.
Dave & your GTA family

Richard my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family . My dad has been gone since 1985 and I still feel the loss of my fishing buddy. Be strong for your loved ones and know that we all are here for you.

prayers sent to him and his family


So sorry Rich, prayers for you and your family


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