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Robert Werner - aka CharlieDaTuna - Co-founder of our forum

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I just received a phone call that sent my heart to my feet. My friend and our co-founder Bob Werner passed away this past Sunday evening. As many of you knew, Bob has been in severe pain for several years due to blood clots in his legs. He has undergone several very painful surgeries. This last bout was too much for his heart.
Bob was a true legend in the airgun world and will always be a hero of our sport. His contributions to our sport/hobby will live on. Think of him and say a prayer for him and Cheryl.

So sorry to hear that.  A real loss for us all.  Sincere condolences to his family and to our "family."

Sorry to hear this. He was a true master of his craft. He was a character in my life that will never be forgotten. My prayers for his family.

 Sad news, thoughts and prayers to his family

Great lose to the community.
Prayers to the family from The FANG Family.


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