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Was just informed that Brent Reynolds, long time GTA member z28rod passed away 3 Feb 2016.
Thoughts and prayers to him, his family and friends.
RIP Brent!!!

Wow!  Sad news. Had not heard from Brent in a while. Spent many hours in the chat room with him over the past few years.

RIP Brent.

Sorry to hear that. Rest in Peace, Brent!!!

Yes sorry to hear that . prayers for the family

It's been awhile but Brent and I use to email, PM and talk on the phone a couple of times a week. I bought a .22 Fast Deer side lever from him. He mailed it before my PMO got to him. He said he'd never had one so I gave him a .22 B3 I rebuilt and refinished. Mailed it in the same box he sent the Fast Deer in. I shot the Fast Deer some Saturday at the fun shoot in Cross, S.C. It might replace my old Peak .177 B4-2 under lever when the guys want to bust paint balls at 25 yards. We talked about playing football in high school, shooting and his trips to the doctor. A while back he stopped returning my emails and PM's.

It's a long way from Savannah, Ga. to up-state N.Y. I never met him face to face but he was a good guy. I guess the Fast Deer is a keeper now.


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