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PLEASE see the last picture post in this thread for the current stock levels!!!

Okay, since I'm now down to just 7 GTA caps left, I'm pressing onward with a new order.
I have gotten a different supplier and the styles are a little different. The quality will still be fantastic, especially for the price. As requested, I am also ordering some blaze orange for you hunters.
You CAN pre-order if you want. I suspect it will be roughly 2 weeks before I will have them and ready to ship to you. I'm investing a big chunk of my personal funds to get these. The price has gone up a tab bit because USPS has raised their rate on shipping. They are $18 each ($6.50 of which is USPS priority shipping). If interested, please send me a pm or email for instructions. Basically you will post a "gift" payment to my PayPal account and include in the note section your complete mailing address, number of and style of the cap(s) you want. Here are the ones I'm ordering and the ones I still have available. I'll try to keep this thread up to date with the style and quantity still available.
SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

Mesh is considered Summer cap and solid as Winter. But I wear mine all year round, no matter.

i2080 - 3 each  (solid)
2144  - 5 each  (solid)
2141  - 8 each (mesh)
2127  - 5 each (solid)
515PC- 9 each   (mesh)
FLG300M - 6 each (mesh)

Put me down for ONE  i2070

PM for payment details sent.


Oh my! I've been hanging around my electronics forums a bit too much lately. (I do that in the winter months!) I saw the title of the thread and was wondering just why GTA had a new bunch of CAPacitors!  :-[

Not exactly...but you will get a charge out of them.  :P
And you can filter out the ones you don't want to get to the one you want.

Just got my GTA cap ..... WOW nice noggin topper ;D
Nice to see hats sized for an ADULTS size head too !

Wearing it proudly .....


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