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First we would like to welcome you as a new member. Glad to see that you made it here. Just lean back, raise your feet up and enjoy the fun and friendship of the GTA. A great place to learn and share.  And if you have a questions, just ask. Any suggestions, present them and feel free to participate in the sessions on the various forums.

We also have group therapy here…..  ??? ???  :)  ;D  :D Yep.. we take care of our own and each other…lol..  :( :(  ;) What a great place to be.

 We look forward to your posts and your participation. However... If you have not already done so, I suggest that one of the first things that you do is to take a look at the posting rules and regulations for the forum.     

Next you should take a little time to browse around and familiarize yourself with our forum. Click on each of the links and acclimate yourself to them.  ??? ??? This is important because as you post you should make every attempt to place your post in the correct category. ;)  In doing so you will get the best results possible whether it be a question on your part or if it is information that you want to impart to others. ;D If you do not put it in the proper category then it will be moved by a moderator to an area which he feels will either be correct or most effective. Also, by putting it in its proper category, you will reduce the workload on the moderator of that gate. So please make every attempt to place your post in the proper category.  ;D

Another place of interest is our library and also the mall. The library provides a vast as well as valuable source of information covering many areas involving airguns including tips, various instructions, informative information regarding accuracy, pellets, tuning, hold and hold sensitivity just to name a few. 8) The information provided in the library will answer a lot of the questions that you may have.

The mall can provide you with direct contact with the various vendors and sources providing services to our airgun community.

One other source provided by the GTA is the search function located on the upper right side of every page. Quite often instead of asking questions, although your questions are welcome and you will find many of the members that will be more than happy to voice their opinion and try to answer your question, if you do a search regarding your question you will find a multitude of answers.  ;D

Once again Gene and I as well as our staff and membership would like to welcome you to the family of GTA forum.  ;) ;)



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