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Xisico Sentry HC Deluxe .25 to .22 conversion.


I had 2 of these in .25 that I picked up along the way. One I bought from another member and one was a basket case given to me for the cost of shipping. I managed to get both in good shooting condition. The problem was, neither shot my cast .25 pellets well. I don't hunt so I'm not of the mind to pay the cost of .25 pellets for pests and paper.

So, I sold one to fund the price of a complete upper half and a spare fill probe from Mike at FDAR  (I only had one and sold it with the other gun). I did have a .22 mag that Mike sent me by mistake on a previous order and didn't want it back.

The parts arrived UPS today and I went to the workbench. Swapping the top end was so easy a redneck yankee could do it. I don't use that FUGLY plastic picatinny rail thing that goes over the shroud so that wasn't an issue. All there was to the swap was the 4 screws that secure the breech to the tube. I did have to use the little "L" deal that screws into the bolt to cock the hammer. Easy peazy. Swapping between .22 and .25 is a 10 minute job if I so desire.

The results are somewhat bitter sweet...
I cast the 217 20 RF Hunters and the 217 24 RF Magnums and, the gun won't do better than a 2" group at 35yds. That's a little better than the 3" group it did with my cast .25 pellets.... that's the bitter.

The sweet is that the gun will put a mag of 8 shots in the red on a shoot n see splatter target at 35yds with Crosman 14.3 Hollow points and Ultra Mags. Those are about as cheap and available as pellets can get. The gun just don't like heavier pellets.. at all.

There are probably surgical things I can do to the gun to improve that condition but I ain't going there. I don't mind tinkering but I'm not an engineer or a machinist and this is not a $500 or more gun. It is what it is.

Besides... Betty Lou likes the gun.

Madd Hatter:
Have you tried without the ldc?

If you mean the .25 and my cast pellets the answer is yes, with all 3 barrels. After those failed tries I didn't see any reason to try my cast .22 in this new setup. Like I said, if I have buy store bought pellets I prefer the affordability of .22 over .25.
That said, I have the GAMO Urban (among a couple others) that shoot my cast .22 great and the Avenger that does good with my .25 cast pellets.
I wish NOE would make a .22 14.3 RF mold. Preferably a 4 cav aluminum.


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