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$10.00 Crosman

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Nice score….I bought similar from a neighbor lady,($20) who was cleaning out her home…. Wont hold air…put it in a closet…

Excellent find at a great price!

I have a slightly later model that I paid $10 for.  It was so rusty I call it Tetanus.



--- Quote from: Acapulco on June 03, 2023, 05:22:30 PM ---I was in the area today and had some time to stop in 1 of my honey holes.

Saw this Crosman 760 for $10.00... and bought it.

This variant has the wood pump handle with plastic stock.
Dob -  May  '75.

Cleaned her up, pumped her up,  and she fired. Gun was able to punch a can at 10 yrds.

--- End quote ---
Can you tell me the 1st 3 of the SN and the date code stamped into the plug / barrel band ?
According to crosman the date code SN didn't start till July of '75, but I do have an April '75 gun with matching dates in the SN and on the plug and am trying to determine when this really started.
My gun could be a coincidence/ fluke,  unlikely but possible.

I'll take a look tomorrow night and post findings.



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