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Has anyone came up with a rig to shoot fish? Our neighborhood lake is full of big goldfish. I'm itching to harpoon some

Why harpoon?
I quess you could harpoon them with a arrow shooting air gun. I shoot a lot of grass carp with my Gamo Urban. When they come near the top of the water....bang...dead....scoop them up with net and repeat.  Loads of fun and very tasty if fixed proper.

You mean Koi... not a game fish. 


--- Quote from: Acapulco on March 13, 2023, 05:03:28 PM ---You mean Koi... not a game fish.

--- End quote ---
Not to sure what you are getting at but
Koi and goldfish are two different species and both are invasive  and not considered game fish. As for carp they are also considered invasive  and not game fish.

Saber Tactical has you covered.


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