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what to hunt with the air javelin pro?


Just bought one and hope to use it for hogs and deer. Not very impressed with the bolts that came with mine two of them lost the field points on the first shot and the third didn't lose the field point but the nock end shredded and peeled after a few shots. complained to pyramyd air and they are sending me new bolts.   

Yep, critters up to whitetail, going by ft/lbs, though I'd limit shots to 30 yds.  RatSniper has a thread on j. pro trigger mod and attempting to get power up to full 370fps.  Think his fastest was 355fps.  Another reviewer reported 330 to 345fps. One thing I think he may not have attempted was reducing the hammer spring.  If I had a javelin pro I'd have to mod the trigger.  The heaviest trigger in my arsenal is a 3.5 lb Glock 22 cal.  Most are less than 2.5 lb, I'm spoiled.

I've considered it a challenge to head shoot possums an' coons (they predate on our free ranged ducks).  Found broadheads are necessary even for head shots on the smallish critters for humane kills.  On my bucket list is to fit my Benjamin airbow with an Oracle X range finding scope, then attempt to take a coon at distance, 60 to 80 yds.  It'll take practice and study.  One challenge I luckily fulfilled, was taking a coyote.  He was a juvenile, almost a pup, using a trail near the house where I had trail cams and motion sensors.  Prepared an elevated shooting lane.  Placed a battery powered trapping squeaker on tree far side of trail.  He'd travel past the motion sensor around 1am, then return around 7am with some regularity.  He spun in circles for 15 yds then expired.  Of course the arrow passed thru and vanished in the forest  compost.   Generally, to take a critter, its a $15 arrow gone.

Do you need hearing protection to shoot the J. Pro?

not backyard friendly but not loud enough for hearing protection


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