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Benjamin Underrated Airbow ?


I've been around PCP's a while; shot next to world record setters in a chicken house in Louisianna, found time to dispatch 350 ground squirrels around Bakersfield CA in ?2002 in spite of teaching full time, with retirement I still sniper turtles & snakes in my big bream pond, and have rebuilt modified several pcp rifles.  So, when I evaluated whether to buy a crossbow or airbow, I knew what I was getting into.  On Amazon, they list the Benjamin for $918 (2/2/23) and a pcp airbow for $799.  They are the same.  I snagged the $799 Benjamin, put some camo vinyl on, bought the 'Thorn' broadheads, doubled a youth and regular best seller broadhead target, and good to go. The 1 Amazon review slams the Benjamin stating it lacks field testing and gave it 1 star. Phewie  Bunk

This is a bulldog 357 pcp pellet rifle with an arrow tube in place of the barrel.  Its conversion takes you from dispatching varmints, to pass through broadhead hits on elk.   Mine arrived with a partial tank of air.  After 8  445fps shots, it takes 105 pumps to go from 2000 to top off at 3000 psi, about a 125 psi drop per shot.  It’s a short workout.   The air tube drives the point end of the hollow arrows rather than pushing the butt end notch so there’s no need for bow tuning.  For the average shooter, out of the box, 1st time shooting, 2 inch 3 arrow groups at 30 yds. are the norm.  You’ll need a high-speed crossbow target, a high-pressure pump, as well as modest hearing protection.  It has a bold retort, slightly louder than a 22 sub-sonic round, almost a boom followed by the thwack of the arrow, without the crack sound of a centerfire rifle.  Trigger pretravel measured 3/8” until I took off a rubber cover under the stock and turned the rod to shorten it to 1/8” travel. (all safety precautions and bump test necessary) My only trigger gauge sample showed just under a 3 lb. pull.  It has the smooth and crisp break of a hi-dollar crossbow.  The 6X centerpoint scope has decent clarity with reticle lines to assist aiming at long distances.  It has held zero since day 1.  The 40mm lens draws in enough light to see past when my bare eyes are able.  The scope rings had 1 screw hole that was stripped out, yet it still held the scope.  It’s easy to cock, (and decock) and intuitive to shoot.  It has the weight and feel of a rifle:  no worry about fingers when teaching my kids to shoot.  There's a small mechanical click click when cocking.  The safety tends to click yet can be silenced by moving it with a finger on each side.  The carbon special hollow tube Victory arrows are straight, feel smooth, have precisely glued fletching, and are backed with excellent customer support.  As easy to shoot as an air rifle and as powerful as a fast crossbow.  This is a serious hunting tool with extensive field testing via Benjamin’s rock solid pcp rifles.  It likely will be the no.1 airbow for years and can provide a lifetime of service.  Pic 1. I used the same arrow for my 1st test.  Counted the 1st as a flyer and the latter 3 as a group.  After zero,ing; 1st shot I closed my eyes as breaking trigger and somehow hit dead center.  2nd 3rd shots hit 2 inches high, 4th I noticed a tad left in my scope and it hit a tad left.  Enlarge the pic and look closely for the toothpicks marking where arrow hit.   2nd pic, gauge shows 2050 psi for my last shot.  Aww, don't know much about posting pics.


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