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Rules of the ARK before posting.


1. All content must adhere to the established rules and code of conduct of the GTA.  A clear set of rules and guidelines can be found here:

2. No videos that are purposely made to offend or discredit other companies or individuals. Respect for fellow contributors, manufacturers, and other airgunners must be upheld at all times.  This is not a forum to trash brands, products, or fellow posters.  Any videos seen as doing so will be summarily removed.

3. All video posts must be linked from Vimeo.  Linking from YouTube or Facebook videos will NOT be permitted.  If you are a content creator and do not have a Vimeo account, look into their service as it's a way for you to secure your work both for you and your sponsors.  Any videos found from Facebook or YouTube will be summarily removed without notice or warning.

4. No nudity or Vulgar language or actions.

5. No shooting of domestic animals PERIOD - Hunting and pest abatement videos are permitted.  For the sake of those that may not want to see such footage, please clearly identify hunting or pest abatement footage as such and ONLY post in the hunting category.  We reserve the right to remove or relocate hunting footage posted outside the hunting category without warning or notice.

6. Be respectful and please limit foul language

7. All content will be evaluated by our moderators and our administrators. If any content is found to violate these guidelines, will be removed and you will be notified with specific reasons for the removal.

8. Contact the administration if you are unclear about your video

9. Place your video in the proper category.

10. The GTA reserves the right to amend, change, remove or add to this list of guidelines as needed.  Please contact the GTA administration if you have any questions.


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