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Old Daisy 880 Seal Upgrade Kit

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The process is still evolving, but I think I have got it down pat now.
One "Alpha Tester" has experienced difficulty in marrying the old 880 seal spring to the new style seal lip.
As I said, the old spring was about 0.40" smaller in the I.D.
Daisy does not sell the current spring as a separate item.
But, the new spring wouldn't nest properly into the recess in the back of the O-ring back up washer in the old style seal.
So, 2 things have happened:
1. I have found a suitable spring; large enough to fit over the inner lip of the new style seal.
2. I have machined 2 styles of O-ring back up washer;
     One with a male shoulder to locate the O-ring, and a female pocket on the reverse side into which the spring nests, ala
       the original plastic part.
     The second washer has a shoulder on BOTH sides: one to fit the O-ring and one to fit the spring.(Unfortunately they   
        need to be different diameters....)
So, here are some pics of the bits and pieces.
Also shown and demonstrates is my assembly "tool" which makes the assembly of these old guns really simple.
One of these will be included with every kit.
To assemble, insert the tool into the front of the pump frame. The grooves along the edges permit the top of the tool to raise up in order to stop at the rear edge of the opening.
Then, assemble the pump tube and the seal components into the frame from the rear.
Install the valve body,barrel into the rear of the pump frame and pump tube.
Place the whole shebang upright on the edge of your work table, with the end of the tool on the table top and the barrel hanging over the side.
Press down on the rear of the valve body/trigger assy til the hole for the cross pin lines up.
Insert the cross pin
Remove the tool...............


PLEASE....PARDON THE PHOTOS........I.m no Ansel Adams...........

This kit, along with all O-rings, seal, wiper ring and plastic back-up washer for the oil wiper and the assembly tool will be offered at a right reasonable price. WAY less than the original style kit on the "bay."

This kit will not only reseal your old 880's, but it will "future proof" them so that, should they ever need resealing again,
you will be able to do it with a $1.00 seal kit from Daisy instead of the $35.00 kit from the "bey" sellers, if it is even available in the future.....

Only problem at present is that Daisy does not have the seal kits available due to virus-related supply chain problems.
I have all the necessary seals and O-rings, just gotta sort out the oil wiper.

Plus, I'm still working on a sub for their "elastomer spring" which Daisy "discontinued" as a separate part.
They will insist you purchase the pump piston assembly complete, which will work
in the old 880"s, but not quite properly...........

35 shooter:
Nice Ron, very nice indeed!

FWIW, this seal assy would also replace the original v.1 style in the 880's with the steel pump tube.....

This is an exciting development as there's a lot of older 880s that just need a reseal to be up and running again!


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