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3D printing tips and trick.

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I use a machinist dial gauge for leveling with a printed rail mount. Now I only level one corner with a sheet of paper and use the dial to do the rest.

i do use a script on klipper first clears bedmesh then z_tilt_adjust to level gantry then auto bed mesh

manual leveling is very tricky, silicone bushings help a lot

I have found pla + or pla pro to be a great material.   Much more durable than plain pla (close to ABS I think?) and does not stink.

I recently installed an auto bed leveler on the sV01 which has made a difference and was only $50 and quick to install.

After struggling with adhesion on an old glass print bed, I also added a sovol magnetic print bed last month with metal flexible print surface and so far have had perfect adhesion.

upgraded printer 2 board to use spreadcycle instantly got better prints, it is still moderately silent at 64 microsteps

Just got a new Ender 3  2v today.  got it together but am stopped.   I am using a Mac.  Just not sure how to proceed.  Honestly I know not thing about this stuff but have been reading everything I can. I can find the files to download but have no idea what to ddoafter that.  My 3D printer has files but I need a slicer I am told I need Crui Where do I go to get the download?



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