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Umarex 850 M2 CO2 muti-shot, bolt action, pellet rifle - Quality Trigger Time!


I saw the Umarex 850 M2 at Shot Show 2020 and I knew immediately that I just had to have one. Drop on an Axeon 4-16x44 Side Focus scope and youíve got one mean co2 air rifle for some serious back yard quality trigger time.  #umaerx #umarexusa #rws #axeon #predatorpellets #jsb #HNPellets

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Elno Lewis:
It is a sweet gun.  I converted mine to air and love it even more--and it can dang near keep up with my Gauntlet

I bought an 850 >177 CO2 rifle in 2008 an it was my very first airgun. I put a Bug Buster 3x7x32 on sighted for 25 yards.. spent a few weeks shooting it out to as far as 50 yards...finally on my first squirrel hunt I shot a squirrel at 70 yards...first shot went over his head, but I adjusted and the second shot nailed him in the shoulder...

I now have three of these 850 rifles and two are converted to HPA...which are now my favorite squirrel guns. All are very accurate.

Discovery .22
Mrod .25
Sheridan .20
Beeman R9 .20
AR6 Hunting Master .22
MK1 LD .22
2300KT .177

Elno Lewis:
I should also add that the 22 ci bottle I put on it shoots forever!  Somewhere in the area of 200 shots!  And I got the reg set at 1200.

The bolt is super smooth.  I crafted a single shot tray for it because all I do is target shoot and that is just my preferred way.  At 25 yards its just a same hole tack buster.  At 50 yards I am in between the crosshair and the first mil dot.  I was gonna do some hammer spring work on it, but decided to hold off--its shooting good enough really. 

My Gauntlet is a Hajimoto build and my M2 keeps right up with it, but the M2 has a smoother bolt and is lighter.  M2 built in Germany.  Gauntlet built in China.  Is that the difference?  Not sure.  Hajimoto does great work though.  I got about $400 into my M2.  The Gauntlet I have almost $700 into.
You be the judge.

Very happy with mine! A great air gun.


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