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I have to get on my soapbox for a moment and post something that needs to be said.
We who spend MANY hours in devotion to our sport/hobby have, I believe, a different and stronger point of view and ethics about our pastime.
We try to shine a positive light on our beloved sport and TRY to prove we are true sportsmen and women. And shutter when we hear of irresponsible behavior of some while handling airguns.
Disrespectful or careless acts give the entire airgun community a black eye and bad reputation. And can also bring unwanted attention by law enforcement and government agencies.
So I will make this statement for GTA Forums. We are a membership of sportsmen and women. We will not condone disrespectful acts or careless usage of airguns by any person in order to promote themselves. It generally takes a lot of trust and talking (and maybe even written legal documents) to procure private lands to be able to shoot/pest/hunt with airguns. If you did not procure the permissions, you do not HAVE permission to violate the trust given to others. When on another's property, you are REQUIRED to show diligent care and be very respectful of all life and property. And if an accident DOES happen, report it immediately. Unreported accidents are NOT accidents. Those are acts of vandalism!!! And should be treated as such.
If I (we) hear of any GTA members violating these common sense ethics, they will be banned from this forum and should be excommunicated from our airgun community. We do not want or need folks like this representing us!!!
We are ALL tasked to be the best when representing our community. And you would want nothing less if YOU were the land owner giving permission.
Now more than ever and as always....
SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

Roger that !!

Thanks for the note/reminder.  As a matter of fact irresponsible shooters of powder burners or airguns, make things a lot harder for those of us who abide by the law while enjoying the sport.

All good points and need to be said often.

D Ez,
You are SOooo right on EVERY SINGLE point made.
 If there was only a way for you to know just how close to home this hits for me, you would be both shocked and amazed.

 It has taken years to gain the collective confidence of the Landowners who have placed their trust in us, as well as the health and safety of their homes, farms, livestock, and livelihood.

It takes an incredible amount of time and effort "with boots on the ground" to secure these permissions,.... and all it takes is a mere split second of carelessness by one, for the many to lose it all.

Unfortunately I have experienced this, and it is a sad day when you realize that a permission is no longer.
 But in the BIGGER picture, it is my greatest fear that an unfortunate incident on one permission, will in all probability, spread like a wildfire, and will likely result in the loss of several permissions.

Hopefully, that is as far as it goes, and does not morph into an event that could negatively affect the entire sport.
 Trust me,... it's not that far of a "Stretch".

Please, Everyone,
 THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING OUT THERE, and how YOUR actions,  CAN AND WILL Impact the way we ARE ALL viewed and JUDGED.

 Whether you realize it or not, there are groups out there who would find no greater pleasure than to regulate and/or eliminate our sport as you know it.

 Be Responsible, Be RESPECTABLE, and by all means, MAKE SURE you are SHOOTING SAFELY !


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