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Umarex Octane Match-Grade-Trigger upgrade

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It's official now.  After several months of prototyping, testing in various Octane air rifles and sales.  I'm ready to start making these components for sale to Umarex Octane shooters world wide.

To date, these Match-Grade-Trigger components have been shipped as far as Holland and Switzerland.  All with encouraging reviews. Now I just have to make up another batch.  I've only been making a very few at a time because I considered them still in the testing stages.

The good news is that these Match-Grade-Trigger components have been tested in Umarex Octane clone air rifles like the Ruger-Yukon and basically those air rifles whose trigger group is the same as the Umarex Octane's trigger group.

Pics and instructions will be forthcoming.  I'll be posting in the Classified-Gate once I get all my ducks in a row.  For the time being I just wanted to give all of the Umarex Octane and clone air rifle shooters a heads up first.  There is now a fix for the horrendous factory trigger pull of your air rifle.


I would be interested in this, the trigger was one of the reasons I got rid of my octane to begin with. 

I would be interested.

It occurred to me after making my Match-Grade-Trigger announcement that I may have to change my user name.

In this overly litigious world we live in, with a User-Name like UmarexOctane,  the folks over at Umarex might get their feathers ruffled is I start selling a trigger upgrade component under that UmarexOctane user name.

I'll have to contact one of the moderators here about doing that before I make to many posts on this forum.  It might get to confusing for those who may be interested in one of these drop-in replacement components.

Thanks to GP2004 and BreakBarrelBen for the interest they've shown. I'm still working on getting my ducks to line up and now this user name change has presented another small obstacle to overcome before pushing forward but it's slowly coming together.


Change your name to Octane. They can't complain about that.


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