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AIRGUN RANGE TIME - FX Dreamline Dream-Tact - Power Setting Tests = SUB MOA 50yd



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The FX Dreamline Dream-Tact is one sweet airgun.  Today well look at the hammer spring adjuster along with the transfer port adjuster to see how they affect power.  Well then take a look at a couple of settings at 50 yards to see which gives us the best results. Also new for this video is the Hawke Frontier 34 5-30x56 FFP SF, MOA Pro Ext. (30x), 34mm Tube scope. This scope takes things to a whole new level.  Its pricy, but good glass is always going to cost you.  And, a gun like the FX Dreamline Dream-Tact should not be limited by subpar optics.  We are going to have a lot of fun with this setup!

Man, its a great time to be an airgunner!

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