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I've had my eye on Arken scopes since they came out. I think the current sale is pretty good and a great chance for me to become acquainted with one. If you're interested in Arken scopes, you may want to check it out.

I ordered a SH4 6-24X50 GEN2 FFP MOA VPR Illuminated Reticle, Zero Stop, 34mm Tube with Set of Flip Its lens covers, Set of 34mm Rings, Bubble Level, Throw Lever, Hoo-Rag, Rear Bag, Patch & Stickers all for $324.98 shipped.

I got mine about two weeks ago. Same model and kit you purchased. Waiting on a base rail for testing on a rifle but I think it's going to be great!

These scopes do look really nice and seem to get great reviews.  I just wish the PA went down to 10yds  :P


--- Quote from: Gear_Junkie on September 23, 2022, 12:24:06 PM ---These scopes do look really nice and seem to get great reviews.  I just wish the PA went down to 10yds  :P

--- End quote ---

I hear you on the 10y. That's why I didn't buy one until now but I'm planning to get an AEA Challenger Pro for some 50 yard fun and I think the Arken is perfect for the job. It helps that they're on sale! Maybe they are discounted because new 10y models are coming out. Maybe, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Mentioning 10 yards, I can't help wonder if you shoot field target like I do.
If you do, check out the new Element Optics Titan that now has 10 yard parallax and a *(&^ of an elevation range!

I bought the same scope last week, I came two nights ago and I spent alot of time behind it from 25 - 110 yards on my .177 Akela.  I can not believe how nice it is to actually see at distance, be able to see the target and have room to decide where to hold vs my 3-9 bugbuster :)
I was going to share it between a few rifles - but now I'm going to save for another, in hte EP line for my .22lr

Very impressed for the money  spent.


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