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Reseal or "if it ain't broke don't fix it"?

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I've got my Grand Uncle's Crosman 101 which must be at least 81 years old, as my Dad shot it when he was a kid and he's 91 now. I pump it 7 times and can hit a 5" pulley wheel off the riding mower from 30 yards with the peephole (off-hand and I guess I'm happy abou that, considering my old nervous system). I have no idea of velocity as I don't have a way to measure it, but I can't see the pellet flying through the air. It doesn't hold a charge over night and I've ordered a reseal kit from Baker's which is on the way.

So do I replace the seals, replace a specific seal or leave well enough alone?  What say ye wise ones?

you can start by making sure it's oiled well (I'm a big fan of Mac1's secret sauce) pump and shoot it several times and then put 3 pumps in it and see how long it holds.  keep doing that and see if it starts holding longer, making sure that everything stays moist with oil.  I've revived a few old pump guns with nothing but oil. 

if it doesn't eventually hold air over night and then indefinitely, then probably worth replacing the seals.

So I oiled it up-I used Tri Flo- through the hole and on the exposed pump rod (I'm sure I'm using the wrong words) and it freed up a lot of gunk and crud. I'm dry firing into a paper towel which leaves a black mist and wiping off the excess oil and crud as I go. I guess I should really tear it apart when I get the springs and give it a proper cleaning, but for being so dirty it sure was shooting accurately!

I'm doing a "three pump and checking it in one hour" to see how it does

Let me know any other thoughts you have...thanks...

Give it a good flush with some isopropyl alcohol to really help get it cleaned out, then oil it when it seems clean enough and go from there.

You just may get it holding air properly,  but if not definitely reseal it with the kit you've got coming.

Hopefully, oil will fix it, but often on a gun that old, it does not. Does the kit include the special tool for removing the valve nut and valve stem?


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