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Daisy Model 25 on sale….

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One of my most accurate shooters…

This deal has been on and off frequently but I bit this time.  $47.90 after shipping and MI theft tax FYI

Thanks OP!

Received my package today, well the Rocket Shot anyway.  The package was in very good shape but it was clearly cut open, some FedEx scumbag POS stole the BB gun out of it then clear taped it back up.  Needless to say I'm EXTREMELY angry over this, it was supposed to be for my sons birthday this Thursday.  Luckily Daisy customer service is amazing but I'm gonna raise a massive stink over this at FedEx. 
These idiots whine about conditions and pay but can't even handle the simple task of caring for a package during transport (their darned job).  This isn't the first time this has happened, in fact it's become quite common for packages to disappear and/or arrive in horrible shape (especially my ammo shipments) lately.   >:(

wow thats crazy, are you sure they flat out stole it or was it a restricted item ect?  i dont know the laws there.

Thanks I ordered one.  We have fun with BB guns at deer camp.  I get tired of cocking red ryders and always wanted to try a 25 pump.


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