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Also, Do you consider yourself a casual PCP airgun shooter, weekend shooter, or all-the-time shooter?

didnt vote... I fill my tank, then use the tank to fill the guns back up.

I dont fill the gun directly from the compressor (shoebox)

Thank you, dan_house. I'm curious as to the results after a number of days and suspect there are many here that fill from a tank.

I've been hand pumping since the first fx pumps came out. That will probably change as I get older.

I hand pumped my marauder daily for 3 years till I got the shoebox setup. It was my only pcp at the time, so it wasnt that bad. and Id pump AFTER that session, so my heart rate wasnt up. Just put the gun on the rack and go about my day. Itd be full when I got bak to it. Only time it got to be a pain or a chore was if it was completely empty.


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