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Gamo Arrow Snaging Pigeons This Morning


I'm at my old spot again parked about 30ish yards or so away from the old building, waiting for targets of opportunity ----  it's 6:30 in the morning,  it's pretty cold.  The Gamo Arrow is by my side loaded with CPHP's leaving this gun at 725fps up to ~733fps. --- This gun has a great shot curve !

I think most of the birds are roosting until the sun comes up, being the gun is so quiet I make a few test shots to be sure I'm on zero and get the cobwebs out of the barrel --- she is on target at 30 yards maybe a 1/2 inch high --- I'm ready !!

This gun is perfect for this kind of stuff, it is light, short and is very, very quiet (the sound suppression is just as important as the size and weight).

Magazine is in the gun and after a couple of shots, she must be cocked to go.

About 15 minutes have past, and a couple flyers come out from the back, and as they are flying I cock the gun and get ready. They circle a few times and then land.

One lands on the the side of the roof about 30 yards away, I take careful aim, squeeze and let the Gamo Arrow sing -‐ WACK--- a breast shot, she takes off nose diving and then crashes, there is no movement, she is history. This gun a Pigeon eater for sure !

I wait around a bit more and a few more flyers do a roof landing, I take aim at one, squeeze - another breast shot and she folds up.

It sure is great to have my old Pigeon and sometimes Starling spot back, this was one of my good places,  the other two have. been torn down.

It is getting very windy and its cold as heck -- I'm heading out, the Gamo Arrow was on her game today !!

From my shooting the past couple of outings, the Gamo Arrow and CPHP's have the accuracy and the smack for pigeons in the 30ish+ yard range.

After shooting this gun bit, I got a problem in that 4x super cheap scope is not right for this gun. I'm over 10 inches away right now from the eyepiece and I'm looking through a black hole. Being this gun is for ranges between 25-35 yards, I don't need much magnification --- so I went with a NcStar 2.5x30mm handgun scope (use this scope as a scout scope on a few of my guns) Measuring things out, this scope should work on the Gamo Arrow as for me the LOP is long. We will see !

Until next week.


William, great shooting on the pigeons! So glad it's cooling down in CA!

Out at my spot a few minutes past 7:00am this morning.

As soon as I pull up and pull out my Umarex Origin a target of opportunity lands some 35 yards away on the chimney. I take quick aim and launch CPHP going out ~ 825Fps -- "WACK" --- A rock solid hit, he just falls off the chimney DOA perfect shot the Origin scores again. The Origin hits a lot harder than my Gamo Arrow, but these guns really have two different purposes, so it is not fair to compare them.

Looks like the sighting in I did yesterday really paid off. I'm shooting at a pressure on this cool morning of 3400psi so I'm at my starting point with 5 turns out from full in on this gun.

Been sitting here quietly some ten minutes, and it is really starting to heat up on the desert floor, I'm out.



Side Note;

As I was pulling out and had left, I looked in my rear view mirror and there was a guy from across the way in a truck with a open top hauling trailer attached pulling out from the "Junk Yard" ----- So that place filled with junk has someone living there (you can't believe the trash pile this guy has turned this place into).

This make the place I'm shooting at pretty scary --- although there is a county road to get into it and he can't block a county road !

The saga continues,



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