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Umarex Ruger Mark IV for $38.39 @ amazon


I absolutely love the ruger mark line of 22lr, so I ended up buying one of these when i saw it at this price.

Umarex Ruger Mark IV Break Barrel .177 Caliber Pellet Air Pistol

Interesting..... put it in my cart and went to check out only to be told that they cannot ship this item to NY.  I never had any problems before with air gun purchases on Amazon , both rifle and pistol.  Just to test I removed it from my cart and replaced it with a air rifle and then it allowed me to proceed with the purchase.   I'm guessing they won't ship the pistol because it's just that.... a pistol.   Oh well, guess I'm not meant to have one but thanks for posting.   


Crosman 2240 are $55 as well.

But of course my nanny state won't permit legal transactions either.

Not allowed to be shipped to "Blue Super Majority California" either. F them.

I like it….but I got pistols I dont shoot now…..thanks for posting….


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