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AIRGUN RANGE TIME - FX Dreamline Tactical - Out of the box at 50 Yards



We finally have an FX airgun as part of our testing stable.  The .25 FX Dreamline Tactical Carbon Fiber Tank model (Thank you PyramydAir!) is part of our permanent inventory.  Today we take it out of the box and put some first shots downrange at 50 yards.  We know this platform can perform out to 100+ yards, but we wanted to start somewhere conservative as we learn about all this airgun has to offer. Stay with us on this as we will be going deep into this airgun over the next few months.

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Man, itís a great time to be an airgunner!

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FX Dreamline Tactical .25 -
Hawke Sidewinder -
JSB Kings .25 -
JSB MK II Heavies -

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