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Umarex guantlet .25 at Amazon for $219

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I added the Hajimoto tank/barrel band to mine and I think I will add a bipod to the tank cover and use it as a bench only sniper rifle. As for now I just shoot it off a bag.
The HM tank/barrel band does have a picatinny rail on the bottom but Haji does not recommend using it for a bipod.

Same here, love my Gauntlet .22 other than it's a little oversized and you must spend time adjusting the trigger and it's still kind of mushy with some over-travel, but mine is 1st gen.  It is a tack driver with JSB 15.89 and shoots them consistently between 801 and 805fps (22+fpe) for 55-60 shots.  Once in a while I 'll get a 798 or 799fps in the string which ruins my 4-5fps ES, but it's still only 7fps ES ;D  I only shoot it from a Caldwell rest bag too.  I tried to shoulder it once and finding the G-hog in the crosshairs and keeping it steady was a struggle.  I 've never had much luck shooting PCP's off-hand, or with ease, but I can't say the same for my Diana springers which I find easier to shoot off-hand even scoped, and actually the Disco .22 as well which has a similar sporter stock.

I do need to get an aftermarket barrel band for the Gauntlet though, because if I rest the gun on the wall for more than a minute I have to wait a few minutes for the barrel to go back to its original position, or the POI will be off for the first few shots.  This means I can't grab it when I spot a G-hog or a pest that needs to be eliminated.  So I leave it laying flat in its case or on a couch when I am waiting for the ding donger to alert me of a pest.  The problem is I don't always remember to do that, hence I have to get a barrel band.

I have the Hajimoto barrel band on both my guns, they're a must have  :)


+ 1 for the Haji barrel band.

Yeah yeah I know...   :P   

I 've been having too much fun with the Akela .22 that I have neglected my other PCP's.  I never thought I 'd like a bullpup that much, but this one is def. growing on me, and the more I use it the more I like it.  The Akela's side cocking lever is so smooth and easy to operate, it feels like light years ahead of the Gauntlet's bolt, and with its carbine length ease of maneuverability around the house is a plus.  With the Gauntlet I feel like I need 5 feet of space all around me to move safely with it, like with the Condors  :)


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